Current Projects:

  • Proofing and final edits for Thorns of Betrayal by Lynn Donovan are complete and release day is fast approaching. This audiobook is a supernatural mystery with spiritual, Christian, and romance elements.
  • The second audiobook I’ve narrated in the hilarious Hetta Coffey Mystery Series by Jinx Schwartz, Just Different Devils* is now available. Hetta Coffey is a sassy Texan with a snazzy yacht, and she’s not afraid to use it—most of the time. Rumors of marauding gangs of flesh-shredding giant Humboldt squid on a rampage in the Sea of Cortez could keep even Hetta tied to an expensive dock, but when the opportunity for an intriguing and highly lucrative charter arises she talks her best friend, Jan, into signing on for a mysterious cruise. Damn the calamari! Full bank account ahead! If you aren’t an Audible listener yet, you can listen free and try it out.
  • If you like historic romance, please listen to Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi. She is a fabulous writer and I was honored to produce the first audiobook in this series that I love. It’s a historically rich love story that takes place in Oklahoma just before statehood. Bonus points for this one because of how the story developed a non-traditional romance book hero. Get this audiobook free with an Audible trial if you are not a listener yet.
  • Recording for Runabout, the second and final book in the Territory Trysts Series by Pamela Morsi continues and the project should be complete by end of January with a launch day likely close to Valentine’s day.
  • Script study for Just Pardon My French, the next in the Hetta Coffey Mystery Series, is nearly complete. Recording to begin mid-January.