Current Projects:

  • Thorns of Betrayal by Lynn Donovan is now in audiobook*. This one is a supernatural mystery with spiritual, Christian, and romance elements. This is book two in The Spirit of Destiny series with a different narrator for each book each from a different character’s perspective. The author did a nice job weaving these stories together. I’m glad to be a part of the project to produce the series in audiobook.
  • Recording for Runabout, the second and final book in the Territory Trysts Series by Pamela Morsi continues and the project should be complete by end of March. In the meantime, listen to the first book in the series, Wild Oats*
  • Script study for Just Pardon My French, the next in the Hetta Coffey Mystery Series, is nearly complete. Recording has begun! You can find the series in audiobook here on Audible.