Howdy! I am an audiobook narrator, a podcaster, an unschooler, and a believer in self-development first. I’m an advocate for intuition. I see opportunities that others might not see. I like to encourage. Welcome. I’m glad you stopped by.

Current Projects:

  • Re-uploading old podcast files to Libsyn to re-launch my podcast, Sparkscast: An Occasional Pep Talk. I’ve done 37 episodes in the past and I miss it! It will continue to be an uplifting hodge podge of topics focusing on like ketogenic diet, unschooling, astrology, and voice acting.
  • Awaiting launch day for my second audiobook project in the Hetta Coffey Mystery Series by Jinx Schwartz. This one is called “Just Different Devils.” It is due out anytime now!
  • Promoting newest release, Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi. It’s a historically rich love story with the the anti-traditional-romance-book-hero. Pam was trying to break the romance genre! Ha! Get this audiobook free with Audible trial. Read more about how Pamela developed the story in her launch day newsletter. She is a fabulous writer and I was honored to produce the first audiobook in this series that I love.
  • Recording of Thorns of Betrayal by Lynn Donovan. It’s a supernatural mystery with spiritual, Christian, and romance elements. There’s a ghost!
  • Loving some recent podcast finds such as: Exploring Unschooling with Pam Laricchia and Girl Camper with Janine Pettit.
  • Window shopping for a travel trailer and dreaming of maybe owning one someday. Maybe one like the T@B Teardrop trailer or maybe an old Airstream.
  • Planning for eclipse viewing for the upcoming Great American Eclipse!