Stevie grew up on a few acres of land in Skiatook, Oklahoma in a little house her parents built. She had a beloved pony, Trigger, to ride bareback and do “circus” tricks on his back. She had numerous critters drifting through her house thanks to her parent’s and sisters’ penchants for seeing what they could catch, care for, and observe for a while. There was always frogs, snakes, lizards, or tarantulas around besides the standard horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits. Even an injured owl found reprieve with them once upon a time. Besides helping with chores, Stevie enjoyed making mud pies, swimming in the creek, running the trotline with dad, and climbing trees.

As a teenager, Stevie found a calling as a lifeguard at the city pool and also met her husband-to-be at the ripe old age of fifteen in high school. She loved school and couldn’t get enough information. She participated in Student Council and several sports including basketball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer. She was also a cheerleader. She made Academic All-State for basketball (6-on-6, half court ball actually…Oklahoma and Iowa were the last the switch to 5-on-5 for girls, interestingly enough). Stevie was also Salutatorian for her graduating class of 100 or so people (a B in a semester of Geometry as a freshman kept her from a three way tie for Valedictorian…boo!).

The first in her extended family to graduate from college, she completed a B.S. Degree in Sports/Exercise Science from Oklahoma State University in three and a half years and played on the university’s burgeoning women’s soccer team (before they gave out scholarships to players).

Stevie then married her high school sweetheart at the age of twenty. Shortly after, she left Oklahoma as they set off on his career with the Air Force which spanned 20 years and a plethora of homes across the country including: California (twice), Wyoming, Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, and Nevada. Now she lives in Virginia with her husband and two kids who homeschool (Unschool, actually…heard of it? It’s awesome!). Turns out Stevie is a gypsy at heart and she would have never known it if she wasn’t dragged kicking and screaming from Oklahoma. Where are they going next? Who knows…and Stevie says that’s half the fun!

Stevie picked up an M.A. in Counseling (specializing in Career Development) along the way after failing miserably at an M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies (flunked pharmacology the first round…she was probably more of a naturopath by nature). Eventually, Stevie deeply understood they would not be settling down anywhere so she created a more portable career for herself through her own business, SparksPress, LLC.

Now Stevie has a versatile career that includes a focus on communication and voice work. The past year has been a thrilling adventure as she learns more about voice acting in general and the audiobook industry specifically. She has had the privilege of working with talented authors (Pamela Morsi, Warren Adler, Jinx Schwartz, and Laura Gassner-Otting…to name a few) to produce and release audiobook editions of their books. She has also consulted with acting and dialect coaches and audio production coaches. Stevie is totally and gleefully immersed in all there is to learn about audiobook production!

Being an avid reader, a tech savvy person with audiophile tendencies, and a lady with a nice voice, Stevie is discovering what a great fit audio narration and production is for her unique skillset. She puts a lot of love into each of her projects and always hopes they land in the ears of people who enjoy them.