The Kindle ebook edition of Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts is free this Labor Day weekend.

The book has been out since February. The way it came about is a little interesting. I basically gathered little impressions bit by bit over a few months a couple years back. I sat at my computer for half an hour first thing in the morning and asked for a positive message to share. I was using the tidbits in a weekly email and I wanted a simple uplifting thought that took only a small amount of time to read but which hung with the reader in a good way for the rest of the day, maybe longer.

As I moved away from internet marketing and my attempt to build a personal development membershipsite, I still wanted to share these little bits. I received good feedback from readers that the messages really were uplifting. People often commented that each time they opened the email, they got an idea that they really needed to hear, something that gave them relief. I wanted to provide a way for that to continue.

Pulling the pieces together into an ebook was easy enough. Once that was done I wanted to keep up a head of steam and so I put the paperback together the following month. And for the third month, I wanted to get it out in audiobook. It was actually the process of prepping to release my own book in audiobook format that led me to narrate for others and I’m having fun with that now.

Anyway, I hope you’ll go grab a free copy of the ebook for yourself this weekend. And I hope you find it uplifting too!

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