There are many different definitions of intuition and some will feel better to you than others. Use whatever feels good to you. Here are some ideas to consider.

  • Some like to think of intuition as a gut instinct.
  • Some say it is a 6th sense.
  • Some say it is communication from your spirit guides.
  • Some take a more scientific approach and say that using your intuition means you are using more of your brain.
  • I like to think of intuition as a bridge between physical self and spiritual self.

In general though, the most basic definition of intuition is that it’s a “sudden knowing.” The word knowing is really, really important because most commonly people know the truth of their intuitions when they occur but then they analyze for weakness and eventually talk themselves out of their intuition!

Understanding that basic definition of intuition as a “sudden knowing” and keeping it in mind as you work to improve your intuition will raise your confidence level. It will help you move forward. That one idea will help you further develop and further understand and further trust your own intuition.

What have you been thinking about? Your emotions can hint at what you are focusing on when you notice them. How have you been feeling? Are you thinking thoughts that help you feel your vitality and personal power? Are your thoughts helping you create what you want in life or are they holding you back from what you really want? You can control your focus and attitude. You can have more of what you want.

We all have habitual ways of being. Does your way of being serve you well? If not, or if you want to bump your life up a notch, you can change the way you are thinking and see new results. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort if you want more of what you want. And, yes, you can have more of what you want.

looking down on man standing in grass, arms wideCreating more of what you want in life is about decoding the messages within your emotions, focusing your mind, trusting your intuition, and taking inspired action. Are you thinking thoughts that help you feel your vitality and personal power? Your emotions can clue you in to what you are thinking about. You can control your focus and attitude by checking in on how you feel.

What does it feel like when life is only getting better? Make it a priority to feel your own vibration soar for at least a few seconds each day. Allow the high vibe, make a space for it. Do so and you will find your day flowing like never before.

Enhancing your life and achieving your desires begins with a feeling. The feeling that you have when you get what you want. Will you feel healthy, wealthy, connected, sexy, happy, relaxed? What is it? Feel it now, don’t wait. Does your body tingle with anticipation? Open up to the energy. Do you feel a tickle behind your ears, butterflies in your stomach? Breathe it in, feel good now and often.

Imagine enjoying life just as you like it. Dream it. Feel it. Remember to enjoy. Learn to let that good-feeling positive vibe inspire you forward to the next action step with perfect timing.

This is a beautifully produced spoken word presentation I found on YouTube. The words come from an unlikely source…Joe Rogan. He talks about assumptions and unanswered questions in life and how much is still a mystery. He mentions science and energy and all that we don’t know.

“It is very possible that there is more flexibility and that the world is more malleable then we think it is.” ~Joe Rogan

The Perspective Movie

I get to experience.
I get to pick my favorites.
I get to create.

She gets to experience.
She gets to pick her favorites.
She gets to create.

He gets to experience.
He gets to pick his favorites.
He gets to create.

They get to experience.
They get to pick their favorites.
They get to create.

But most importantly to me…

I get to experience.
I get to pick my favorites.
I get to create.

What Can We Manifest?


Do you think you get to manifest that exact thing that you want using Law of Attraction? Many people think that is what Law of Attraction is about but it is actually a bit more subtle than that. Making a list of what you want and visualizing optimum outcomes are excellent exercises but not for the reason you might think.

Planting Seeds of Intention

Today I want to talk about planting seeds. You can intend in advance for how things are going to proceed in a way that feels good to you. You can do it on a regular basis about anything. It’s something that you can practice for a few seconds everyday and it will make a huge impact on your life.

So let’s talk about the new year coming up. I encourage you to take time to think about how it’s going to feel this year. What are you going to accomplish and how is it going to feel. What is it that you really want and how is it going to feel? Spend some time thinking about how you want to feel this year before the new year even begins.

Don’t just list a to do list or write down main accomplishments that you want to achieve but instead think about how you are going to feel when the activity or task goes the way you want it to. What’s that going to feel like? And practice feeling it now. That’s the important piece. Doing so will help you to enjoy life more as you create it in advance letting how you want to feel lead the way.

As another example, most of the kids are returning to school from fall break soon and one of the questions I hear quite if often is, “Why does school have to be so boring?” or  “Why does school have to be so hard?” Let’s talk about the way to prepare to have a much better time at school.

First of all, there is always something positive to focus on. There are interesting people to meet. Fun projects to complete. Every day in school there’s something interesting or fun. And you can give that all of your attention and feel very good about those projects and those experiences and focus on what you like about school.

Or, if there is nothing you like there, you can focus on the purpose of school for you. Do you like to learn? Do you like to consider lots of different ideas? Do you like to be social? Is it a place to hang out while parents are at work? Do you think school will do anything to help you get what you want in life? Find some positive angle for what your purpose is for school and focus there.

Even if it’s a short part of the day or only a broad purpose that you can find to like at first. Focus on it. Don’t give tons of attention to things that you don’t like. Just note, “Oh, there’s that thing again,” and change your focus. “Well if I don’t like that then what do I like?” And think about it, focus on it, feel what you do like, talk about what you do like, and forget about what you don’t like. De-emphasize it by thinking about it less and less and not talking about it. There are solutions out there. There are opportunities to feel just how you want to feel about learning. You will become aware of them as you increase your skill and discipline at focusing more and more on what you like and how you want to feel.

Creating intentionally in advance is how to establish an attitude of abundance and a positive mindset. What you really want is more of what you like. So focus more on what you like. Minimize time spent thinking or talking about what you don’t like and tune into what you do like. Focus on what you intend to create. Give that your full attention.


Stevie mentioned and highly recommends a book by Gary Taubes called, Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It. His book is a fantastic low carb diet resource.