As you’re going around town working to get stuff done, did you know that it’s not so much what you say or how you say it but how you vibe that determines how your interactions with others will go? People are tremendously perceptive. Many are experts in body language and decoding a vibe, and they don’t even know it. You can be certain that others sense your vibe well before they can even make a logical argument to explain what they think of you.

Can you do anything about what others think of you? Should you even try? No, don’t even try, not directly anyway. Taking direct action meant to control what others think of you is a waste of energy. Instead, use the indirect method by working on your vibration. Create time and space to focus on feeling good. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, less than 5 minutes. And it doesn’t have to be a big production either. In fact, the simpler the better!

Now some people might think that I’m talking about meditating every day. For many that could work. Meditation is a great way to bump the vibration up for some people. Personally, I find meditation a better tool to get more in touch with intuition. Reaching for the feeling of love and appreciation and the sweetness of life during meditation is a great way to use daily meditation too.

There are lots of other ways to feel your vibration soar each day, though. Listening to your favorite music works. Especially songs that you believe have a good beat and make you feel like enjoying life.

Getting outdoors is another great way to raise your vibe. Whatever you can do outside that helps you notice the beauty of nature and absorb the majesty of life. You could do an activity like fishing or hiking. You could just gaze at the mountains, trees, or oceans.

The Leading Questions Game is another simple option. Think of questions to ask yourself to get a good feeling response. Ask a question then give yourself a few seconds to come up with something. So you might say “Who can I appreciate right now?” or “What has been the happiest moment of my life so far?” or “If I felt like a powerful force for good right now, how would I feel.”

Make it a priority to take the time to raise your vibe intentionally for a few minutes each day. Find ways that work for you and you will find life easier and easier as you are received better by others. You’ll also notice that your timing is perfect more often.

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