I have a versatile career that includes a focus on voice work and inspirational communication. The past two years have been a thrilling adventure as I learn more about voice acting and storytelling in general and the audiobook industry specifically. I have had the privilege of working with talented authors to produce audiobook editions of their books. I have also consulted with acting and dialect coaches and audio production coaches. Being an avid reader, a tech-savvy person with audiophile tendencies, and a lady with a nice voice, I have discovered that audio narration and production is a great fit for my skill set. I put a lot of love into each of my projects and always hope they land in the ears of people who enjoy them.

My specialty is connecting people and ideas. I especially love to talk about personal development and career development and, generally maximizing potential in life. On the fiction side, I am building a niche in romance, especially romance with a Wild West or American Frontier influence whether that be in historical romance, paranormal romance, or sci-fi romance. Really though, I enjoy a good story and love to see characters develop.

More about me:

  • Soothe talker and storyteller.
  • Excels at dialog.
  • Nonfiction lover too.
  • Coachable. Cooperative. Inspired.
  • A gypsy at heart, I’ve lived in many places across the U.S. in the past two decades. I grew up in Oklahoma and have lived in California, Wyoming, Texas, New Jersey, Nevada, and Virginia.

Formal education: M.A. Counseling, Post-graduate certificate in Career Counseling; 65 Graduate level credits in Physician Assistant Studies, B.S. Sports Science

Technical knowledge: I’ve been immersed in e-learning, career development training, web development, and internet marketing for the past 10 years. I’m passionate about creating and curating excellent content. My heart’s desire is to share helpful and inspirational information.

Let’s take on a project together!

Want your book produced as an audiobook? ACX is the platform I use to produce audiobooks. You can find my profile here: http://tinyurl.com/Stevie-Reads. It’s easy to work with me to produce your audiobook. Create your login at acx.com and invite me to audition or just make me an offer! They take care of all the details from adding your title, to contract development, to distribution, and payment of royalties. Let’s do this!