I’m making some changes in my social media repertoire. I’ve been on LinkedIn for a real long time, but I’m not feeling it is worth my focus any longer. I began to feel recently like it was time to let it go due to feeling rather uninspired there and kinda like it was a chore.

This is different from when I exited Facebook in 2010. That was due to general irritation with what I perceived as a black hat way of doing business. That combined with a general icky feeling anytime I logged in to check my timeline. It got too icky to ignore so I checked out.

I didn’t really have any plan in mind when I deleted my LinkedIn account. I figured I would just stick with my favorite, Twitter. Keep it simple, you know, update things here at my blog more often and tweet. That, I suppose, was the extent of it.

Enter GoodReads. It seems once again that as soon as I let go of something that is kinda feeling haggard, it makes room for something more lovely to enter the picture. So for the last several days, I’ve been getting involved there and I think I may have found my people. Book people, of course! Why didn’t I see that sooner?!

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