I am just back from an event I’ve been looking forward to for a while. I went to Charlottesville, Virginia for the Men of Romance Audiobook Narrator Panel moderated by Andi Arndt. It was a presentation in the very well organized Virginia Festival of the Book. The men on the panel were: Aidan Snow, Will Damron, Luke Daniels, Derek Perkins, and David Brenin.

The room was packed and I spoke with many women in the audience who were only attending this session at the Festival of the Book event. Some were very excited to meet the narrators of audiobooks they love but most weren’t big audiobook listeners yet.

Many self-published authors were there too. They had questions about how to hire one of these guys. And several people expressed interest in learning to narrate themselves.

I loved the comment on the romance genre in general to begin the panel.

Why on earth would you be critical of such a successful genre. ~Derek Perkins, Audie Winner, on the romance genre, a billion dollar industry

The most ear-catching info I heard is that Aidan Snow told me he logs 15 hours of finished audio a week! Sure wish I could go that fast. Course he doesn’t do his own editing and or proofing. He learned quickly to hire that out so he could move on to more books. Will Damron also stated he hires out for the editing. They might have 3 editors at a time working up their material for submission. Of course, all these guys are freelancers mainly seeking per project deals rather than royalty share deals.

Andi Arndt did a fabulous job moderating the discussion. My only complaint is that it ended too soon and I would have loved to hear more of her insights.