I’m sticking my head up from audiobook deadlines to drop you a line about an unschooling-related documentary called Self-Taught currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. There are five days to go and still a little over $2500 to get it fully funded.

I’m a believer in the Self-Taught project for several reasons but most of all┬ábecause the first film by Jeremy Stuart, Class Dismissed, was very well done. It is an interesting and fair portrayal about how parents┬ácan facilitate learning in a different way for their children. That film touched on the history of the development of the education system in the United States. It speaks to the logistics of removing kids from the conventional school system and the courage required to do so. The film demonstrates the day-to-day activities of one family and their journey into the homeschooling lifestyle too.

For me, as a new unschooler for the past year, a big piece has been missing. Unschooling has been around for decades now through individual families and schools like Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, Massachusetts yet it’s still difficult to conceptualize outcomes. Like how do unschooled kids turn out and make their own way? Would they recommend unschooling approach to others as they look back from where they are now? And how does the self-directed approach to life and learning serve or hinder those kids who are now adults?

This new film, Self-Taught, will seek to address that idea of what happens next. I hope this project gets fully funded as I am looking forward to seeing what Jeremy Stuart produces this time. If you have any interest at all in alternatives to the conventional educational system, please consider pledging to support this project on Kickstarter today.

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