Enthusiasm, Baby!


Enthusiasm is such a major hint as to what you are most interested in. You might even consider it a little breadcrumb trail for better understanding your own unique purpose in life. It is possible that focusing on what you are enthusiastic about can help provide life purpose clarity very fast. Enthusiasm is a frequent and easily recognized state of being. Enthusiasm can be generated simply by the thought of something you look forward to. If you can hone in on exactly what it is that has you feeling enthusiastic, you may recognize an important core principle to bring into your consciousness, into your life, more and more.

On Appearances


  • Wardrobing and choosing your colors. Resources mentioned: TheWardrobeCode.com with Nicole Longstreath, PrettyYourWorld.com, and see the color swatches by InventYourImage.com on Pinterest.
  • Job searching with your personal brand.
  • A bit on LinkedIn profiles.
  • How to ask your intuition.
  • Holding a space of love regardless of what someone looks like.
  • Maintaining an allowing state of being.
  • How to fully listen to others in relationship and the power of it.
  • Learn to be fully present in your own life for yourself…then you can easily do that for others.
  • The amazing, magical impact of helping others feel seen.


Stevie mentioned and highly recommends a book by Gary Taubes called, Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It. His book is a fantastic low carb diet resource.

Ancient Beings


Stevie turns on the mic once again to see what she has to say about intuition. This show is about body and soul with intuition as a gateway between them. Stevie has ideas about the importance of establishing a foundation of positivity in mindset then moving on to developing a vocabulary with your own intuition. Sometimes in life it is hard to choose a path, intuition can be the tie-breaker. As you use your intuition in everyday life, you practice skills that will see you through those critical decision points with more confidence.

***Audio Transcript***

INTRO-Welcome to the SparksCast. This is episode number #004 on January 16, 2014. In this SparksCast, I talk a little about strategic mindset for making changes in your body. Thanks so much for listening. I’m your host, Stevie Puckett broadcasting from SparksPress.com and Virginia Beach, VA.

PART ONE: Today I want to talk about wellness and making changes in your body. It all begins with what you think of yourself because that affects how you vibe about yourself and what will come to you as a result. Positive transformations can take place within your body. There are solutions around for you. If you can tap into a new positive expectation, you will be brought to ideas that you had not noticed before or you may try something again with a whole new attitude that makes all the difference. Or, on an even bigger scale, you may find a new understanding as to why being slowed down with a difficulty with your body provides you with an experience that helps you develop a needed skill or have a required experience in your life.

PART TWO: When you know what improvement you want in your body, you have a few choices. You can feel angry, depressed, or generally awful about yourself…or you can treat yourself as a child of the universe who is learning and you can cut yourself a break. All that happened before is part of the process that brings you to now and that is all, just a step along the way. If you notice that you often look back and kick your own butt about stuff, try letting it go instead. You can be sure you did the best you could with the information you had at the time. So be kind to yourself. You are always automatically worthy of love. There is no shame. There is nothing to feel guilty about. Move forward with inspiration knowing that you have always made the best move you could at the time and you will continue to do the same.

Create habits of thinking where you catch yourself feeling unhappy then say to yourself, “Things are as they are and feeling down doesn’t help me.” Then proceed to talk yourself up to a happier feeling, or visualize yourself up to a happier feeling, or imagine how you want to feel and all that you want to have. Most importantly, know that things are improving. Feel enthusiasm regarding the good feelings coming to you.

The easiest way to improve your body is to accept where you are with an understanding that all can be better. Stop beating up on yourself. Be hopeful instead. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can move forward with inspired steps pulling you through instead of by pushing yourself forward with the force of will alone. You can feel good about what you are doing, and the improvements you are making. Try it. The difference will astound you!

PART THREE: Now is the time to nurture yourself by controlling your focus. Its not easy to let go of the way you’ve been thinking but if you want different results its worth the effort. You are where you are, but at anytime you can start again. It is important to keep trying for what you want. It doesn’t matter what happened before. What matters is what happens next, and your results going forward are directly related to feeling good now.

Imagine how you will feel when you have what you want and choose to feel that way now. Get jazzed about all the experiences you want to have and what you want to create and go with that feeling as long as you can for a few minutes every single day. Daydream about the changed you wanted already being here. Do it with an attitude of fun. It’s so fun to play with ideas of what you can choose and what the transformation will mean for your life. Savor how it feels to play with those ideas.

Appreciate beauty when you see it. Use beauty you see around you as a reason to feel good. Know that beauty is coming to you when you can feel good if only for a little bit at first. Each time you practice you will become better and better at feeling good and appreciating your beauty.

The importance of being okay with slow results can’t be over-emphasized. If you allow yourself to reinforce feelings of frustration or anger at slow results you defeat your own purpose. Change can come and it may be at a snail’s pace but if you focus on the slow pace you get more of a slow-down. Instead focus on the momentum, ideas you can use are coming faster and faster, it is getting easier and easier to maintain the good habits you intended. There is momentum and you are heading in a direction that will please you if you can remember to enjoy life from where you are right now. This moment will never come again.

—End Transcript—