Topic 1) define waking up

  • A process of becoming aware that you can be fully engaged in life and spiritually connected to your Higher Self / God / Love on a moment by moment basis.
  • Times when you feel spiritually connected and in the flow happen more often. In between those phases are times when you are back to feeling human/ego again.
  • The pace picks up and you find yourself feeling whole more and more often but there are still those times when you “crash.”

Topic 2) thoughts on crashing

  • Surprisingly enough, there are painful crashes along the path for a time though they shorten in duration. Recovery comes faster and faster but it seems you shouldn’t be able to be knocked down like that.
  • The pain of crashing is due to the difference between how your average vibe raises yet being in the dumps is a low vibe. For a while, the increasing difference between levels causes pain as habitual reactions echo then begin to fade away.

Topic 3) thoughts on self-nurturing

  • The more you practice getting yourself out of a crash with self-nurturing, the more ideas and ways you have to recover and you learn to enjoy R&R time.

Notice an Intuitive Message

There are many ways your intuition can get a message to you. You will start to pick them up once you’ve learned to quiet your mental chatter.

  • You might notice a certain song gets stuck in your head out of nowhere.
  • When listening to music you might notice some words seem to get highlighted then that connect you to an idea about a problem you’ve focused on recently.
  • You might notice images brought into focus. The image might connect you straight to an answer you’ve been seeking.
  • Someone who speaks to you could say certain words that bridge a connection for you.
  • You might feel a tingle in your body that lets you know an idea is resonating.

Look for these types of signs and don’t be afraid to say to yourself, “I note the emphasis on blah right now…what does that mean?” Sometimes your intuition will supply the answer.

You can even develop a standard vocabulary with your intuition. If this idea appeals to you, I suggest you have a standard way to record what you learn in a journal. Develop signals for “yes” and “no” to use for follow up questions. For example, ask your intuition to warm-up or stimulate your right hand for a yes answer and warm-up or stimulate your left hand for a no answer. If you know astrology or tarot cards, those images can be useful as pieces of your intuitive language too. You can also use colors, or rhythms, or scenes from movies. Whatever works for you!

Intuition is subtle and quick. The importance of learning to quiet the energy diverting mental chatter cannot be over-emphasized so definitely start there. Intuition is often delivered in the form of a feeling. So pay attention to how you are feeling at any given moment especially if you are looking for an intuitive connection.

This is a beautifully produced spoken word presentation I found on YouTube. The words come from an unlikely source…Joe Rogan. He talks about assumptions and unanswered questions in life and how much is still a mystery. He mentions science and energy and all that we don’t know.

“It is very possible that there is more flexibility and that the world is more malleable then we think it is.” ~Joe Rogan


Often we think other people are responsible for how we perceive them. Of course that’s not true since we are the only ones responsible for where we focus and how we interpret whatever data we take in. That’s something we can really use in our favor! It just takes a determination to focus on what can be appreciated and nothing else, which gets easier and easier with practice.

We all have different intentions for our lives, different lessons we want to learn, and that’s okay. There are some on the same path and there are some on different or even completely opposite paths. Especially with loved ones and close friends, you may notice particular ideals they have that are surprisingly resistant to your attempts to coach or teach them otherwise. We can let them be. They are most likely working on exactly what they intended to work on. The clock is not broken. That’s the thing with life lessons, they take time to learn.

I love audible: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Audible Books
Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer
The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss
The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss


Stevie describes what intuition is and isn’t from her point-of-view, what intuition feels like, and a way to begin to enhance the connection to your own intuition.

Partying Introvert Style


Goings On:

  • The importance of clearing and organizing spaces.
  • Partying introvert style: meeting new people and getting their stories.
  • A new layer that signifies it’s time for a refill.

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Getting Perspective


Goings On:

  • Unpacking and organizing like I’ve been doing this Mercury Retrograde cycle? I’m not sure why it usually take 8-9 months for me to get everything just so, but I sure do love that last step to settling in. I love Space Bags for organizing all kinds of things from stuffed animals to winter clothes.
  • Kids have been enjoying the How to Train Your Dragon App the past couple days. It really is adorable!

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