Topic 1) define waking up

  • A process of becoming aware that you can be fully engaged in life and spiritually connected to your Higher Self / God / Love on a moment by moment basis.
  • Times when you feel spiritually connected and in the flow happen more often. In between those phases are times when you are back to feeling human/ego again.
  • The pace picks up and you find yourself feeling whole more and more often but there are still those times when you “crash.”

Topic 2) thoughts on crashing

  • Surprisingly enough, there are painful crashes along the path for a time though they shorten in duration. Recovery comes faster and faster but it seems you shouldn’t be able to be knocked down like that.
  • The pain of crashing is due to the difference between how your average vibe raises yet being in the dumps is a low vibe. For a while, the increasing difference between levels causes pain as habitual reactions echo then begin to fade away.

Topic 3) thoughts on self-nurturing

  • The more you practice getting yourself out of a crash with self-nurturing, the more ideas and ways you have to recover and you learn to enjoy R&R time.

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