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Adore Your Wardrobe Signature Course

I’ve written about this course before and wanted to spread the word that another class is getting ready to begin. Midnight tonight is the deadline actually. It is offered twice a year.

September is the main time per year that I purchase clothes for myself and my family. It works great for us since we can catch the end-of-summer clearances along with some new fall pieces. So I was recently reviewing the course and remembered how helpful it was for me. It gave me a focus and plan. In the past, I have been quite overwhelmed in stores but no longer. It’s nice to know exactly what I need and what I’m looking for when I shop whether in person or online.

My kids are open to shopping from their color palettes this fall. I told them about what I learned in the course when I took it a while back. Now it’s fun to see their confidence increase and to see how much better they look in colors that work for them as also happened for me.

Hopefully, through sharing about this good course I needed and found, someone else who needs the info will find it too.