Emotions as Pointers

What if emotions aren’t given so much emphasis? What if they simply indicate the way we’ve been focusing our thoughts?

Maybe emotions are just data to consider and if that’s true, maybe we can intentionally lead our emotions where we want them to be.

Have you ever noticed that you are able to muster up certain emotions you want? How did you do it?

Have you ever seen an athlete prepare mentally for their event? Or thought of how an actor might have prepared for an emotional scene? How do you think they do it?

Do you think it might be possible to get ahead of emotions as a regular way of being? If so, what an advantage it would be to be able to plan in advance how we would prefer to feel and know exactly how to hang out there more often.

The WHY Behind My Work

I study self-development because I love the idea of maximizing human potential. To me, the best ideas are ideas for people, not just ideas for idea’s sake. That doesn’t turn me on nearly as much though it is fun to brainstorm on any given topic from time to time.

I read the book The Miracle of a Definite Chief Aim a couple of weeks ago and formulated mine like this…to further personal growth knowledge.

I am very, very interested in all things personal growth. I also want to record what I learn and share it.

Sometimes I feel like I am actually journaling things for myself, to remind myself, but somehow sharing what I learn is an integral part of my motivation. It’s almost like I want to leave a record for others to discover or even as a legacy for my family.

One thing I’m certain of, all this studying is for nothing if I don’t document it somehow and I dearly love the process. So I move forward with no other clear aim but that and I take one small step after the other following the inspiration.

38. The Relaunch Episode

I’m excited to relaunch Sparkscast podcast and make it a highly recommended, must listen for weekly self-development inspiration. 

I want to create something listeners review time and again when they realize they want fuel for creative self-expression in their lives…they want to heal themselves, live a life that engages and inspires them…and maybe even as a side benefit, leave a legacy for others who feel inspired watching them go happily along on their life’s journey having a positive impact and living life fully and with intent.

This episode is the introduction for the relaunch and is a place for me to ask you a question. If you were to listen to a pep talk and be open to being talked up and feeling better, what would you want to be reminded of? What would the pep talk be about?

I’ll be delivering those pep talks here on the Sparkscast in episodes to come. Send your response to me. I’ll be using fictitious names and intend to share ideas that people can relate to so that the talks are inspiring to many.

That’s is a big target for me in the new Sparkscast. I want to share practical ideas you can apply to your life on demand. This is not about airy-fairy philosophy but concrete and directly applicable concepts.

I’m going to be truthful with you…it will require your focus on yourself. It’s work. You’ll need to catch yourself thinking that thing you no longer want to emphasize and you will need to learn to drop it.

Like an ornery puppy you caught tearing up the couch, you must make yourself “leave it” and focus on a toy instead. In this case, a toy is the more productive thought that reeks of love, patience, and positivity. Control your thoughts! Train your focus.

A few other things have caught my attention over the gap between episodes. Continuing homeschooling for my two kids and learning day trading. What a mix of stuff, right? Anyway, I want to share a couple resources on those fronts.

Other resources mentioned are linked below.

That’s all for now. Thanks for listening!