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Companies Are Not Your Friend

Great points in this post I’m sharing about unrequited love, limiting your choices, disposable products, and shrinkflation.

I find being shepherded along the pathways they want you to go particularly telling. That was my reason for leaving Facebook for the first time well over a decade ago. I must tell you though that pushing against doesn’t feel like a win either and I don’t like that the speed with which I have tried and left various platforms has only increased.

There is an aspect of isolation to address because often it feels like I’m walking in a world with zombified others who participate more with their tech than with the people right next to them. Not to mention the phenomenon of being left out of the loop. But I stand on principle.

As always I recognize expansion and contraction on repeat. I feel jubilation and wonder with most tech advances in my lifetime as I enjoy the increase in efficiency and knowledge followed shortly by the joy in rediscovering and embracing again a simpler way of doing things for various reasons that become apparent.

The returning desire for an in-person real-connection community is the natural counterbalance to too much being out there in the social media not-really-real space. I’m shocked at how long it takes to become more apparent to most other people though I do believe we all are getting better at it and quickly. The key is to recognize when change is calling and go willingly and don’t dottle once the necessity is recognized.