30. Creating a Life Story

Today we’re talking about the story we tell ourselves and how it influences the life story we are creating. We are here to create. If nothing else we are creating our own life story. You probably have a general idea of how you would like your story to go. You may not have all the plot points and all the details, but you have a general idea of how you want your life story to go don’t you? You probably know this about yourself. If we check in with intuition and tune into what we know about what we want to create, it reminds us of the life story we are creating. If you think of yourself as this person who is creating your own life story, can’t you just feel the importance of your mindset and thought processes on a moment by moment basis as you go through life? Can you see how they’re essential? This is how your mindset or attitude sets a tone that represents a season of your life. This season which builds on the last one and becomes the foundation of the next one.

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