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Falling Out of the Flow and How to Get Back In

You can be fully engaged in life and spiritually connected to your Higher Self / God / Love on a moment-by-moment basis. You begin to notice that times when you feel spiritually connected and in the flow happen more often. You find yourself feeling whole and loving more often, but there are still those times when you “crash.”

It seems the further along you get in noticing the highs in life, the more crashes can seem more painful for a while. Soon those more painful times shorten in duration, and recovery comes faster, but it still feels like you shouldn’t be able to be knocked on your butt like that after flying high. The pain may be due to the big difference between how your average vibe rises yet the lowest vibe stays low for a while. The difference between highs and lows can be large for a phase or two.

The quickest way back in is to allow, release resistance, and wait for inspiration and enthusiasm to return. Meanwhile, do what you enjoy and live in the moment.