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Maximizing Personal Fulfillment

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I'm Stevie Puckett. I care about optimizing life for the most fun, gratification, and joy as possible. That is achieved through appreciation of the present moment and the primary moment-by-moment activity of directing thoughts towards ones that feel good. I've been described as a mindset strategist. It's a good description! Learning to direct your focus is both the most basic and the most powerful step in the journey to more and more personal fulfillment.

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How I Spend My Time


As primary caregiver and stay-at-home-parent to our kids, I'm proud to say they are big now! Both are over ten years old, so time is opening up for me for sure. It has been quite a joy to have full immersion in the growth and development of our two little ones as a mostly homeschooling family too. I believe interest-led education, aka unschooling, has been a big reason for our freedom and satisfaction as a military family, even as my husband and I work to balance our desires for our children and as we've moved from place to place.


A significant objective for my family and me is to take trips. Travel provides fantastic learning opportunities for us and our kids, so we make it a priority and figure it out. I especially love to travel the roadways by RV, my husband loves to fly, and the kids enjoy all of it well enough so far. Our kids are big enough now to have interests and input, which often takes us on exciting adventures we wouldn't otherwise consider. I take on tons of planning, cooking, and laundry, but I'm happy to report that it's worth the effort so far.


I blog for several reasons. One, to keep a learning journal. I love to study personal growth and success. Sharing knowledge is an enjoyable part of the learning process. I love to contribute by leaving a breadcrumb trail for others. Two, blogging serves as an excellent career portfolio and a way to demonstrate many skills. I have found it to be a good way for a stay-at-home-mom like me to keep a toe in the door for some neat opportunities. And third, it's one way to build a passive income stream through affiliate sales and the creation of information products.

My Blog


It's near-daily that I hear that I am like a breath of fresh air, and people feel inspired after speaking with me. I hope this gets reflected in my narration. My voice is authoritative yet warm and enthusiastic yet soothing . I've produced audiobooks through the ACX Royalty Share Program since 2016. I take my time and feel this is one of the primary advantages of being Royalty Share Producer, that along with the ability to choose projects that I love. I produce nonfiction titles, especially self-help, biography, and memoirs. Children's books are another interest of mine, as is historical romance.