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Keep Creating

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

It is lovely to create together but remember, timing is everything. The more you are in the flow, the more those around you will find themselves there too, even unintentionally. Do not go into standstill mode as others to catch up. Instead, redirect your focus. You can research or prep other pieces while waiting, or you can shift your focus to your other creations altogether.

Keep your vibe up and keep your momentum going while waiting for the right time. The timing will be right soon. Trust that your vibe will rub off on them. One who focuses on their own intentional creativity is an uplifting force.

You hold yourself back when you believe you may not move forward without complete agreement. Do not hold yourself back for the benefit of others. All are better served by joyful creating, even if temporarily redirected as ideas and perfect solutions come into sync.