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Let Go and Be Well

Letting go of painful, sad, hateful, or otherwise harmful thoughts that make you feel bad is a skill that is developed with practice and intention.

Drop the negativity by talking yourself out of it and moving your focus to people, ideas, and topics you enjoy.

Use your “inside your head” voice to soothe yourself away from painful thoughts by zooming out to a bigger picture, giving the benefit of the doubt, or distracting your focus onto something else entirely.

Carefully choosing what inputs from the environment you allow into your day is the next step. The better you want to feel, the less you allow toxic news and propaganda streams to enter your focus. Doing this will clear the way for more positivity in your life.

Sensitive people (and we are all more sensitive than we think) can easily get caught up in feeling bad for others. Sensitive people may not even realize that they have put the poor, sick, or weak in their focus in a way that makes them feel bad too. Remember: you can’t help others by feeling weak yourself.

Making your mental health a priority is done with these types of mindset strategies. When you understand that what you think about affects the way you feel, it becomes clear the benefit of exercising mental discipline to lay the groundwork for feeling well most of the time.

When you embrace your wellness, you truly become a powerful force for good in the world. First, you learn to uplift yourself, and then you will uplift others simply by continuing to prioritize your own self-development and wellbeing. At that point, you are an example of someone who bravely shines their light.