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nonfiction audiobooks produced

Bliss or Bust

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Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts, by Stevie Puckett, is a different kind of book. It is not filled with the author’s life story or case studies or research. It is an easy and potentially powerful read. It will help you realize the practical importance… Continue Reading “Bliss or Bust”

Mission Driven

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Mission Driven: Moving from Profit to Purpose aims to help the jobseeker — whether a student, a mid-career professional or a retiring Baby Boomer — take advantage of the many career opportunities burgeoning in the non-profit sector by answering these questions and more: • Is… Continue Reading “Mission Driven”

Compatibility Test

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Have you wondered about whether or not you are deeply in love with your partner? Are you thinking about whether or not your relationship contains all the necessary ingredients to be passionate and successful together? This test has the main questions, some of which… Continue Reading “Compatibility Test”