Goodies from Audiobook Reviews

  • Narrator Stevie Puckett does a great job reading, keeping the pace upbeat and motivational, and has confidence that makes you believe the material being read. ~Mission Driven by Laura Gassner-Ottig


  • Stevie Puckett had me laughing right along with her and the characters. You could tell she had fun narrating this sweet story and it definitely showed in the way she portrayed each character. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • We are treated to some delightful female bonding plus all the derring-do and action of a Bruce Willis flick, well narrated by Stevie Puckett who clearly has an ear for Scottish, Texan, and Spanish inflections. ~Just Needs Killin’ by Jinx Schwartz


  • Morsi is a talented writer and does heartwarming small town romance better than about anyone. Her characters are flawed humans with lots of opportunities for growth and she brings that message home. Delightful! ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • Hetta is a strong independent, sassy woman. Her stories of murder and mayhem are always a delight. The audio was good and brought the story to life, and was good narration. ~Just Different Devils by Jinx Schwartz

    Ellen Oceanside

  • The author shows you how to produce, publish, and publicize your book with little to no money. I really enjoyed listening to these tips and tricks. ~Self-Publishing for the Broke Author by Jean Bauhaus


  • Great book! Mystery kept me guessing! Loved it! ~Death of a Washington Madame by Warren Adler


  • Stevie Puckett is fantastic as the narrator who brings these two crazy women and their friends to life!! Fantastic audio and story!! ~Just Different Devils by Jinx Schwartz


  • Held my attention throughout. Loved the twist at the end! Stevie Puckett did a good job narrating. ~Immaculate Deception by Warren Adler.

    Susan Patterson

  • I’m an author, and I’ve been broke during Covid-19, so I was happy to find this book! It offers a lot of practical advice on how to get your book professionally up-to-par for publishing on Amazon… ~Self-Publishing for the Broke Author by Jean Bauhaus


  • Fiona is portrayed as very human, with a lot of doubts. She also knows the political side in her job, and dealing with them. Well written and enjoyed. Narration was good. ~Immaculate Deception by Warren Adler

    Ellen Oceanside

  • I really enjoyed this book! It is a historic romance that is so well written that I could see the mean spirited characters and beautiful sites that are described. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • A good mystery story with fabulous characters (colourful and not quite honest), funny, cheeky and great dialogue, all performed with a delicious Texan accent by narrator, Stevie Puckett. ~Just Different Devils by Jinx Schwartz

    Norma Miles

  • The thoughts and advice are great and heartfelt. Listening in short bursts gives you something beautiful to think about all day. This is definitely food for the soul. A beautiful idea narrated wonderfully by the author! ~Bliss or Bust: Inspiring Thoughts by Stevie Puckett


  • Really enjoyed this unique and captivating story! Great narration! ~Just Different Devils by Jinx Schwartz


  • Stevie Puckett did a great job with the narration and I had a terrific listening experience. Hetta’s adventures are always tons of fun and this one is no different. ~Just Different Devils by Jinx Schwartz

    Karen M.

  • Since I only listen to audiobooks, I was extremely happy to see this book given an excellent update with Audible narration. Stevie Puckett did an admirable job narrating. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • I really enjoyed this book! Once I upped the speed it was great! The character’s were really well written and the story just flowed! Will definitely listen to it again in the future! ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • Loved this story! The relationship between Cora and Jedwin is surprisingly sweet and often times funny. Great historical romance with plenty of humor. The narrator was amazing and I really enjoyed her performance. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi

    Heather North @AudiobookObsession

  • Stevie Puckett has a pleasant voice. She also has a wide range of really good character voices. She has a good singing voice. I would definitely listen to another book she narrates… ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • Very interesting point of view about the business world. Very easy to listen. I enjoyed very much the narration. ~Mission Driven by Laura Gassner-Ottig


  • Stevie Puckett did a great job on all the characters, she made them all seem real and did a great performance. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • Great tips! Loved the narration. ~Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts by Stevie Puckett.


  • It was a good quick read. It was a great book about the importance of disciplining your thoughts and emotions. It was a good read to help with how to use your emotions. ~Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts by Stevie Puckett.


  • It takes you on a journey from infatuation to friendship and from friendship to love. The characters seem so real with their quirkiness and flaws. Each character’s voice was unique which added to the enjoyment and ease of listening. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi


  • I found many, many places I want to revisit. I can always listen to this audiobook and get reminded though. I love when the author narrates their own book. ~Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts by Stevie Puckett


  • This book is bursting with encouragement to lift your spirit. I think Stevie Puckett did a stellar job writing and narrating this book. ~Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts by Stevie Puckett


  • Stevie is an eloquent speaker. Her voice is calm and patient, without being condescending.Her advice/”steps” are simplistic and easy to follow. Best if one ponders over 2-3 each day/week, as one practices and creates better habits. ~Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts by Stevie Puckett


  • She has done a beautiful job of clearly expressing a series of thoughts, that are each an uplifting meditation. Her performance here is one that reflects the simplicity and purity of this positive thinking. ~Bliss or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts by Stevie Puckett


  • At first I was not fond of Cora’s voice, but it grew on me. It seemed perfect for the character. The narrator’s pacing, pronunciation, comic timing, and emotiveness. were all top notch. I was highly impressed. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi

    Diana in SC @AudiobookObsession

  • I enjoyed being immersed in this world. Hearing the characters speak to each other brings you much deeper into the story. I loved the way Stevie Puckett laughed in dialogue. You felt like you were listening to these conversations. ~Wild Oats by Pamela Morsi

    Lilly BELL

  • Characterization was good and Fiona was interesting. ~Immaculate Deception by Warren Adler


  • The narrator, Stevie Puckett, has a fine, clear and pleasant voice. ~Death of a Washington Madame by Warren Adler


  • I enjoyed her narration and I felt like she gave an authentic voice to each of her characters. If you’re looking for a gripping mystery with lots of twists and turns, I highly recommend this book. ~Death of a Washington Madame by Warren Adler

    Leslie F.