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Zero Carb

Kelly Hogan of My Zero Carb Life is an inspiration to me. This week, I ran across this post, which reminded me of her story. Meat cookies are what she calls the little hamburger patties that she has eaten many a meal. She is so funny.

I’m pretty sure I will need to do what she did to lose the extra weight I’m carrying. I’ve made a few passes at it before, but so far, I give in to sweet tastes, then I meander around off-target for a while before trying again. No sweet tastes, ever, that’s the bit I must remember.

I try to make room for honey or fruit a la info from Dr. Paul Saladino, but probably I need to avoid it altogether. All I get from letting some in is wanting more. I’ve already learned from following Drs. Mike and Mary Dan Eades for a couple of decades that if I don’t get under 40 carbs a day, I will not lose weight anyway.

I’m pretty sure it will take a Kelly Hogan approach for me to get ‘er done and it’s about time to stop messing around. Luckily, I’ve already locked in a change over the past few months that will be very helpful for moving in the right direction.