Stevie Puckett

Howdy! Welcome to my home on the web.

Audiobook Narrator and Producer

Howdy! Welcome to my home on the web.

I write about mindset strategies for enjoying life more on my blog and in my book. Generally, I love to explore, learn, and mentor. I’m an audiobook narrator specifically.

Why audiobooks? I love listening and learning. I’ve been an enthusiastic audiobook listener for years because to me there is nothing is better than listening and learning while doing something else like chores or driving or working out. I get to be active and productive while taking in information.

Audiobooks are a great way to package knowledge and stories. Audiobooks are something that people are willing to pay for and for good reason. The experience of listening to a well-done audiobook is enjoyable, and it’s done at the time and place of the listener’s choosing. You are not tied to a screen while listening, and you can stop and start as you wish. From both an entertainment and educational perspective, audiobooks are of great value not to mention the archiving of information and voices from our time that will inform the future.

The actual production process is enjoyable for me. It’s a nice mix of art and technique. There is the sensitive and empathetic piece of telling the story and the technical and precise piece of recording, proofing, and mastering. I just love the whole process.

The ACX Royalty Share Program has been a game maker for me. I like royalty share projects the best because they fit my lifestyle very well. It’s a good trade for me and the authors I work with for a couple of reasons including for me because I don’t need to worry too much about deadlines, and for them as they don’t need to worry about paying a big chunk of money upfront to get their audiobook produced. In the end, we all benefit from audiobook sales once the project goes live. It’s a win-win-win when the listener is included.

I hope you will enjoy an audiobook that I have narrated and produced soon, and if you know a talented author ready to get their book in audio format, send them my way