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Adore Your Wardrobe Signature Course

I’ve written about this course before and wanted to spread the word that another class is getting ready to begin. Midnight tonight is the deadline actually. It is offered twice a year.

September is the main time per year that I purchase clothes for myself and my family. It works great for us since we can catch the end-of-summer clearances along with some new fall pieces. So I was recently reviewing the course and remembered how helpful it was for me. It gave me a focus and plan. In the past, I have been quite overwhelmed in stores but no longer. It’s nice to know exactly what I need and what I’m looking for when I shop whether in person or online.

My kids are open to shopping from their color palettes this fall. I told them about what I learned in the course when I took it a while back. Now it’s fun to see their confidence increase and to see how much better they look in colors that work for them as also happened for me.

Hopefully, through sharing about this good course I needed and found, someone else who needs the info will find it too.

Companies Are Not Your Friend

Great points in this post I’m sharing about unrequited love, limiting your choices, disposable products, and shrinkflation.

I find being shepherded along the pathways they want you to go particularly telling. That was my reason for leaving Facebook for the first time well over a decade ago. I must tell you though that pushing against doesn’t feel like a win either and I don’t like that the speed with which I have tried and left various platforms has only increased.

There is an aspect of isolation to address because often it feels like I’m walking in a world with zombified others who participate more with their tech than with the people right next to them. Not to mention the phenomenon of being left out of the loop. But I stand on principle.

As always I recognize expansion and contraction on repeat. I feel jubilation and wonder with most tech advances in my lifetime as I enjoy the increase in efficiency and knowledge followed shortly by the joy in rediscovering and embracing again a simpler way of doing things for various reasons that become apparent.

The returning desire for an in-person real-connection community is the natural counterbalance to too much being out there in the social media not-really-real space. I’m shocked at how long it takes to become more apparent to most other people though I do believe we all are getting better at it and quickly. The key is to recognize when change is calling and go willingly and don’t dottle once the necessity is recognized.

The Next Step

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

The next step doesn’t have to be difficult. It can flow to you easily. Ask yourself: How do you want to feel about the situation at hand? Knowing the feeling you want will help you realize the next step. 

It’s fun to be clear on what to do next. Don’t you love clarity? You can decide ahead of time to know exactly what action to take at the right time or even at a certain time. You can look forward to knowing what to do at just the right time. Plan ahead to feel good about how easy it is to take the next step with perfect timing.

Love Notes From Intuition

The earliest intuitive flash I remember was when I was around twelve years old. I remember it distinctly even now, decades later.

We were taking a drive in the car. I was in the back seat behind dad. I was looking out the window watching the world go by, and mom and dad talked about funny things they’d seen. For some reason, I tuned in to the conversation right as dad was saying, “One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen…”.

When he said those words, a picture formed in my mind’s eye of him laughing so hard he coughed when I passed through the living room as he was watching a movie on TV some time earlier. I don’t know now if it was days or months earlier. When that picture flashed in my mind’s eye though, I, for some reason, interrupted and finished his sentence by saying, “…was when Indiana pulled his gun out and shot the ninja who was swinging his sword around.”

My dad looked me directly in the eye from the rearview mirror and he asked how I knew he was going to say that. He looked astounded. I shrugged my shoulders and said that I remembered him laughing at it when he watched it on TV. He and mom shared a look and everyone got quiet for a while after that. It didn’t seem like a big deal to me because it all seemed to make sense but me chiming in so loud and certain was out of character and thinking about it now it is remarkable that I was right about what he was going to say.

a man in nature smiling at camera
My Dad

The most remarkable thing about that intuitive flash at that moment I received it was my dad’s reaction. It was priceless. It was a glorious moment my dad and I shared with curiosity and grins and one we relived a handful of times over the years.

The most miraculous thing about it now is that it still lives so fresh in my mind all these years later, decades after my father’s death when he was 48 years old. Even now, I can have his grin again anytime I want to. A precious gift from my intuition to me to be sure.

Consider your intuition as fun little notes from your higher self who loves you and is always supporting you. The ongoing development of your ability to trust your intuition is the most essential investment in your own self-development that you can make.

Think Yourself Lucky

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

There was a recent study* where researchers asked people if they were lucky or not and then put them to a task. Those that said they were lucky were more likely to see the hint in the task that made the task simple and fast. Those that said they were not lucky were more likely to painstakingly follow the directions of the task without seeing the shortcut.

Think and talk about yourself as being lucky. Notice every day all the ways that you are lucky. Maybe there are at least half-a-dozen or so ways you can list? All proof of how lucky you are. You will see the solutions that abound.


An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

How does lighthearted feel? Does it feel like everything will work out? Does it feel fun? Can you spend more time feeling lighthearted? It has the power to change your life if you can.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious. Life can be filled with pleasure. You can go through your day finding good fun. You can enjoy the people you meet and the places you go. You can step lighter and laugh along the way. You can smile through your day.

Aim for lighthearted. Expect good times. Know that you are where you are supposed to be. The clock is not broken. Now, enjoy the moment.

Energy Management

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

If what you’re thinking about makes you feel bad, it affects your energy level in a bad way. It lowers your vibe. If you’re thinking about something that makes you feel bad, you will quickly start to feel stressed or tired or just generally have a bad attitude.
On the other hand, if what you’re thinking about makes you feel good, it affects your energy level in a good way. It raises your vibe. It doesn’t matter if what you’re thinking about it is true or not. What matters is if it helps you feel good.

Keep Creating

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

It is lovely to create together but remember, timing is everything. The more you are in the flow, the more those around you will find themselves there too, even unintentionally. Do not go into standstill mode as others to catch up. Instead, redirect your focus. You can research or prep other pieces while waiting, or you can shift your focus to your other creations altogether.

Keep your vibe up and keep your momentum going while waiting for the right time. The timing will be right soon. Trust that your vibe will rub off on them. One who focuses on their own intentional creativity is an uplifting force.

You hold yourself back when you believe you may not move forward without complete agreement. Do not hold yourself back for the benefit of others. All are better served by joyful creating, even if temporarily redirected as ideas and perfect solutions come into sync.

Burnt Biscuits

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

When you are ready to get serious about understanding your own intuition, think in terms of metaphors all the time. Establish the dialog.

Remember, though, that sometimes burnt biscuits are just burnt biscuits. When you realize that, let it remind you to laugh. Because most important of all is that life is fun. Let it be fun to develop the language of your intuition as you curiously and fearlessly follow the leads with love.

Intuition is surprisingly witty and funny. Be on the lookout for the humor. Your intuition can tickle you in many ways. It’s like a customized comedy just for you. Smile and enjoy the conversations. Allow the love.

An Act of Love

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

Ignoring complaining, nagging, and sob stories can be considered an act of love. Self-love because you release yourself from a focus on negativity. Love for others because they may focus less intently on negativity if no one is listening or connecting with them in their negativity.

Loving silence is one way to gently divert attention from those types of discussions that you may no longer want to encourage. Practice ignoring while still flowing a high vibration that delivers the message that you know they can feel their power again.

Tune In and Adjust

Most of us have been taught to ignore our emotions or to control our emotions, or that emotions are uncontrollable. But actually, tuning in to how you feel in order to adjust your focus and your thinking so that you feel good is the best use of emotions.

What you focus on and how you think about it directly affects how you feel. So take note of how you feel periodically throughout the day. Doing so is like taking a measurement that helps you adjust your focus and your thinking so that you feel good. Feeling good is of utmost importance.

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

Have Fun With It

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts follows.

It’s important to enjoy feelings of happiness and general wellbeing as much as possible. To do that, notice how you feel. Have strategies at the ready to lift yourself up when you find yourself down.

When down, do the work to change your perspective. First of all, realize it’s a temporary feeling that will soon pass. Next, intentionally change your focus. Below are ideas. Discover more strategies for yourself too.

Think about a favorite memory or daydream the future.
Notice beautiful sights and sounds.
Anticipate exciting events and opportunities coming up.
Have your favorite food or drink or enjoy a bath or a nap.
Take score of all that you want for yourself in your imagination.

Practice the skill of learning to change your focus to feel better. Use it to feel better when you already feel good too. There is always another level.

A Loving Mentor

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts follows.

Your intuition can be like your big buddy hanging out with you all the time. Really, you’re never alone. Your own always present, patient, and calm mentor who wants only the best for you is there for you all the time in the form of intuition. Your intuition always looks out for your best interests. Your intuition whispers ideas for you to consider. They are wonderful ideas. Ideas of lovely things to notice. Ideas that are solutions to questions you ponder. Ideas of inspiration to take action. They are funny ideas just to make you smile and remember the love. Ideas that encourage you to enjoy the moment.

Easy Does It

An excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts follows.

In relationships, learn to give very little or no attention to what you don’t want to see more of. Doing this may seem counter-intuitive because bringing attention to what we don’t like and starting a discussion about what others should do differently is a more common strategy. Realize that talking about what is not wanted gives intentional focus to it, and soon that unwanted behavior seems more significant and harder to ignore.

Instead, try a practice of not initiating and not encouraging further discussion about things that aren’t appreciated. Instead, have a key phrase at the ready to say to yourself such as “easy does it,” “back off, Tiger,” or “I can only change me.” Identify and use a phrase to remind yourself to change your direction of focus to something that you do want.