I’ve been producing audiobooks through the ACX Royalty Share Program since 2016.

My studio components include Neumann TLM 102 and Heil PR40 microphones, Audient ID14 interface, Sony Professional headphones, and sound treatment with Owens Corning 703 Audio Panels and Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam. We use Reaper Digital Audio Workstation for recording and Pro Tools for mastering. The audio engineer on my team is 25 year veteran of the industry Dave Albert.

I look for a certain type of project. My first consideration is that the author/rights holder can be patient. I take my time and feel this is one of the primary advantages of being Royalty Share Producer.

If an author is concerned about going live with a new audiobook very quickly, I suggest seeking out a paid per finished hour production team.

Going forward, I am seeking out primarily nonfiction titles, especially self-help, biography, and memoirs. I will also consider producing children’s books. If I pickup up more fiction titles, they will likely be western and/or paranormal romance.

Do you have a title you would like to see produced to an audiobook? Please contact me and let’s check out the possibilities.