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Pocket Casts is the One

I love listening to podcasts as well as audiobooks. Auditory learner here, for sure. I loaded Pocket Casts up yesterday to give it a whirl and fell in love instantly. How easy it was to move my subscriptions over and discover new listens too. What a pleasure! Also, it was a simple thing to manually add my feeds from Substack subscriptions. Even with being a paid subscriber to Spotify, that wasn’t a convenience available on that platform. I love that WordPress bought and is developing Pocket Casts. WordPress has done so much right, in my opinion. If you are just starting out in blogging and want an easy way to run with it on your own, I can’t recommend WordPress.com highly enough either.

Automattic acquired Pocket Casts last July, and since we’ve been tapping away trying to make the best podcast client for people who love listening to podcasts.

Open Source Podcasting Client – Matt Mullenweg