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These Aren’t the Important Things

This is an excellent article by Kerry MacDonald, who has been traveling around the country this year learning about microschools and other alternatives to the conventional classroom. In a World Full of Robots, Humans Wanted | Cato Institute “So we got progress reports home saying she can only count to 100, but she should be

Notes on Jeff Selingo’s Next Newsletter

There are several good insights in this month’s edition of the Next newsletter by Jeff Selingo. It’s always a very thoughtful read with good insights into the trends in the higher education system in the United States. This month he is focusing on the intersection between college education and the workforce during this time when

Adore Your Wardrobe Signature Course

I’ve written about this course before and wanted to spread the word that another class is getting ready to begin. Midnight tonight is the deadline actually. It is offered twice a year. September is the main time per year that I purchase clothes for myself and my family. It works great for us since we