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How to Pick Clothes

I enjoy looking put together, but it has been a challenge for me. It’s expensive, and it involves visiting a store which I tend to find overwhelming. My lack of interest in fashion has held me back too. Recently, online shopping has made this chore easier for me, and so has learning from others more interested in fashion. 

Last year, after trying many other resources, I found a teacher with a worthwhile online course about creating a wardrobe. Currently, I’m in her advanced class, and because her training was helpful for me, I am now an advertising affiliate and will earn a referral fee when someone joins her class after learning about it from me.

The teacher’s name is Kelly, and “The Signature Course” is where to begin. Enrollment opens for the class a couple of times a year, and the next one starts April 21, 2021. That is in a few days, so you have perfect timing.

The classes are online, and you complete the weekly units at your convenience. There is also a private Facebook group for students going through the course at the same time.

Because I’m not a Facebook member anymore, I don’t access the group discussion part of the class. Although annoying, it also has advantages like not getting caught in other people’s struggles when trying to learn something for yourself. It’s also nice that I’m not being distracted by Facebook black holes. So the course is still worth it to me and worthy of a referral.

Also, Kelly added a bonus for this enrollment period. She is including the seasonal buying guides from last year. So when you enroll now to begin next week, you also get those buying guides as a free perk worth $75. They are great for a year’s worth of outfit ideas, and you may find pieces from last season on sale now or better yet pieces already in your closet that work in the outfit ideas. Win-win!

So sign up here and now if you think you would enjoy learning about a good strategy for building a flattering wardrobe that suits you well. Pun intended.