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Magical Mindset

What follows is an excerpt from my book Bliss Or Bust: Uplifting Thoughts.

When there are things about yourself or your life that you want to improve, it is easy to get frustrated. You quickly notice where you are and what you don’t like about it. You begin to talk to and about yourself negatively. That dialog becomes a habitual way of being if not checked. With a lack of attention to your thoughts, you unintentionally begin a process that is the opposite of self-improvement. It’s more like self-destruction.

There’s a fine line between wanting a change and being patient and kind with yourself versus wanting a change so bad that you impede your own progress.

A magical mindset exists that can pave the way to inspired action and set the stage for improving any part of your life. It begins by aiming your thoughts in a positive direction so you can feel better immediately and be receptive to inspired action.